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AMCP members apply clinical evidence and economics to help patients access safe and cost-effective medications.   



 AMCP Vision: Managed care pharmacy - improving health care for all.  

AMCP Mission: To empower its members to serve society by using sound medication management principles and strategies to improve health care for all. 

For more than 30 years, AMCP has been the leading professional association dedicated to increasing patient access to affordable medicines, improving health outcomes, and ensuring the wise use of health care dollars. 

AMCP’s 8000 members manage medication therapies for the 270 million Americans served by health plans, pharmacy benefit management firms, emerging care models and government.  Members include pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other practitioners. 

AMCP advocates on behalf of managed care pharmacy to ensure that the interests of the patient populations served by our members are considered in federal and state health care policy decisions. AMCP members are experts in developing and implementing medication benefits for patient populations covered by public and private health plans.   

We invite you to join us if you are involved in the practice of managed care pharmacy. Explore our website and learn more about what we do. Thank you.

AMCP History 

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AMCP Strategic Plan - AMCP 2020

The AMCP Board of Directors has approved a new 3-year strategic plan that promises its members and stakeholders that AMCP will help managed care pharmacy practitioners improve patient outcomes and control rising health care costs through enhancing knowledge, improving collaboration and intensifying advocacy. 

To achieve the AMCP2020 promise, the Academy will focus on the following four broad strategic initiatives that are complemented by the activities of the AMCP Foundation: 

*Thought Leadership   

*Member Engagement   

*Build the Brand   

*Operational Excellence   

These four strategic initiatives are outlined in the AMCP2020 overview. 

Learn more about AMCP2020, here.


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