Letters, Statements and Analysis

Communicating the importance of managed care pharmacy is a key part of AMCP’s work. Using AMCP policies as a basis for their work, AMCP staff and volunteers provide comments, analysis and testimony to Congress and other federal and state agencies on how proposed regulations and laws impact managed care pharmacy and the patients we serve.














AMCP Summary – Modernizing Part D and Medicare Advantage to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses   


AMCP Summary – Final Policy, Payment, and Quality Provisions Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2019   

AMCP Summary - Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Medicaid Fee-for-Service, and Medicaid Managed Care Programs for Years 2020 and 2021   



AMCP Summary – Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Medicare Program; International Pricing Index Model for Medicare Part B Drugs   


AMCP Summary – Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Regulation to Require Drug Pricing Transparency   



AMCP Submits Comments to FDA with Recommendations to Facilitate Biosimilar Adoption   

AMCP sends letter to Congressional Leadership asking for the inclusion of 42 CFR Part 2 provisions and Medicare Fraud Waste and Abuse protections in a final opioid conference report   


AMCP joins over 100 stakeholder organizations calling for Congressional leadership to amend 42 CFR Part 2 to align with HIPAA in the compromise Opioid Package   


AMCP commented on Draft ASHP Guidelines on Pharmacy Services in Solid Organ Transplantation summarizing our position on Collaborative Drug Therapy Management. Comments were submitted electronically through the ASHP comment portal.  


AMCP Submits Comments on Opioid Management in the Physician Fee Schedule   

AMCP submits comments to FDA on Patient-Focused Drug Development on Chronic Pain   



AMCP sends letter of concern for needed provisions in the Senate amendment in the nature of a substitute of H.R. 6 to Senate leadership and the Chairs and Ranking Members of HELP, Finance, Judiciary, and Commerce committees   

AMCP Submits comments on Draft ASHP Guidance on Appropriate Off-label Medication Use.   

AMCP commented on ASHP Draft Guidance on Appropriate Off-label Medication Use. Comments summarized AMCP’s Where We Stand on Off Label Use of Pharmaceuticals. Comments were submitted electronically through the ASHP comment portal.   


AMCP sends letter to CA Senate Leadership in support of AB 2789 - the Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions   


AMCP Submits letter to California Senate Appropriations Committee in support of AB 2789 - the Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions   



AMCP signs on to stakeholder letter in support of H.R. 6478 - the Biosimilars Competition Act   


AMCP sends letters to all 100 Senators supporting S. 974 - the Creating and Restoring Equal Access To Samples (CREATES) Act   


AMCP Submits Comments to HHS on Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs    


AMCP Submits Comments to FDA on Final Guidance on Payor-Manufacturer Communications    


AMCP joins 60 organizations in the Alliance for a Stronger FDA letter to House and Senate Appropriations Committees in support of increasing FDA funding for FY 2019    



AMCP supports S. 974 , the CREATES ACT (Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples).   



AMCP submits letter for the record to House Energy and Commerce committee in support of Opioid Legislation - H.R. 3528, H.R. 4275 and H.R. 4841   


AMCP submits letter to Illinois Senate Committee opposing House Bill 4146 which prohibits formulary changes during a plan year   



AMCP submits letter to New Jersey Assembly committee opposing Assembly Bill 881- prohibiting utilization management strategies   

AMCP submits letter to New Hampshire House committee opposing provisions of Senate Bill 332 - requiring coverage of all medication synchronization   

AMCP submits letter to New York Senate committee opposing provisions of Assembly Bill 4306 - mandating conditions for medication synchronization   


AMCP submits letter to Energy and Commerce Chairman Walden and Ranking Member Pallone in support of H.R. 3545 – Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act   

AMCP submits letter to Representative Schweikert in support of H.R. 4841 – Standardizing Electronic Prior Authorization for Safe Prescribing Act   


AMCP Submits letter to New Hampshire House Committee recommending amendments to Senate Bill 350 - Biological products dispensed by pharmacists   



AMCP Submits Comments to USP on Proposed Section 2.20 General Notices   


AMCP joins 12 stakeholder organizations in support of Colorado H.B. 1279 the mandatory e-prescribing of controlled substances.   

AMCP responds to the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ) Request for Information Regarding Patient-Reported Outcome Measures.   

AMCP submits letter to Illinois State Insurance: Life and Health Committee opposing H.B 4146-prohibiting modifying an enrollee’s drug coverage   


AMCP joins 66 other partnership members and stakeholder organizations in a letter of continued support for H.R. 3545 – the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act.   

AMCP submits letter to Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee supporting H.B 1716 and Insurance Carriers’ Access to the PDMP   


AMCP submits comments to CMS on 2019 Draft Call Letter   



AMCP submits letter to West Virginia Speaker of Delegates on House Bill 4524 and Establishing Guidelines for the Substitution of Certain Biologic Pharmaceuticals by Pharmacists.   

AMCP submits letter to Vermont House Committee on Health Care regarding Senate Bill 92 on Substitution of Interchangeable Biologic Products.   

AMCP submits letter to New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Senate Bill 350 regarding Interchangeable Biologic Products Dispensed by Pharmacists.   

AMCP submits letter to Connecticut Senate General Law Committee on Senate Bill 197 regarding Interchangeable Biologic Products.    


AMCP submits letter to Wyoming Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee on Senate File 75 and Authorizing Pharmacists to Dispense Interchangeable Biologic Products.   

AMCP Submits Letter to Alaska House Finance Committee regarding Senate Bill 32 and the regulation of Biologic Product Substitutions.   


AMCP joins 11 organizations in letter to the OIG in support of establishing a safe harbor provision that would encourage the development of additional value-based contracts for the Medicare and Medicaid populations.   


AMCP Submits Letter to Speaker of Wisconsin Assembly regarding Assembly Bill 679 and the Regulations on Pharmacists Substituting Biological Products   


AMCP joins other stakeholders in support of the CREATES Act   



AMCP Delivers Remarks at FDA Opioid Policy Steering Committee Meeting on How the FDA Can Help Address the Opioid Epidemic   


AMCP Submits Letter to Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health in Support of HR 2026 – The Pharmaceutical Information Exchange (PIE) Act   

AMCP sends letter to Michigan House Health Policy Committee citing concerns with HB 4472 and regulations on pharmacists substituting interchangeable biological products   


AMCP Submits Comments to CMS on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Proposed Rule   

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