Meeting Proceedings & Findings

AMCP holds various meetings, forums, symposia, summits and other gatherings of experts to discuss topics of importance to managed care pharmacy. This section contains proceedings and findings and other documents that result from these events. 

AMCP Partnership forums bring together payers, pharmacies, integrated delivery system leaders, HEOR analysts, academics, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and various other health care stakeholders to discuss key issues facing managed care pharmacy and collaborative help shape the changing health care landscape. The events are invitation only and are supported by our partners. The findings from the forums are shared with members via webinars and proceedings published in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy.   


 AMCP Partnership Forum - small 
Integrated Delivery Network’s Role in Value-Based Agreements for Pharmacy and Medical Benefits  Nov-18
 AMCP Partnership Forum - small 
Building the Foundation for Patient-Reported Outcomes: Infrastructure and Methodologies  Oct-18
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Managing Total Cost of Care Through Medical and Pharmacy Data Integration  Sep-18

 Market Insights Small 
Summit on Hemophilia  Jul-18
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Designing Benefits and Payment Models for Innovative High-Investment Medications Partnership Forum  Jul-18
Market Insights Small  Summit on Psoriasis  Dec-17
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Managing Care in the Wave of Precision Medicine  Dec-17
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Driving Value and Outcomes in Oncology, Part II  Nov-17
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Making Patient Reported Outcomes Meaningful for Managed Care Oct-17
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Advancing Value-Based Contracting  Jun-17
 AMCP small  Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research:  Enhancing Uptake and Use by Patients, Clinicians and Payers  Jan-17
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Driving Value and Outcomes in Oncology, Part I  Nov-16
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Enabling the Exchange of Clinical and Economic Data Pre-FDA Approval  Sep-16
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Navigating Innovations in Diabetes Care  Jul-16
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  FDAMA 114:  Improving the Exchange of Pharmacoeconomic Data  Mar-16
 Foundation small  AMCP Foundation Symposium:  Opportunities and Challenges in Patient Care, Prevention and Adherence  Oct-15
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Driving new Advances in Dyslipidemia Management  Sep-15
 AMCP small  Employee Health Benefits Executive Forum      Sep-15
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Biosimilars - Ready, Set, Launch  Jun-15
 AMCP small  Health Plan Executive Forum  Dec-14
Foundation small  Specialty Pharmacy and Patient Care:  Are we at a Tipping Point  Oct-14
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Breaking the Link Between Pain Management and Opioid Use Disorder  Sep-14
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  NCPDP Electronic Prior Authorization Standards - Building a Managed Care Implementation Plan  Apr-14
 AMCP small  Managed Care Integrated Summit on Epilepsy  Oct-13
AMCP Partnership Forum - small  Electronic Solutions to Medical Reconciliation and Improving Transitions of Care  Jun-13

To view a variety of meeting reports that include daily highlights and summaries of educational sessions, posters and general sessions, click here. 

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