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Diplomats are AMCP members who volunteer to work with a school/college of pharmacy as a managed care pharmacy resource for student pharmacists and faculty.   

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The AMCP Diplomat Program is designed to:

  • Raise faculty awareness of AMCP and managed care pharmacy;
  • Expose student pharmacists to career opportunities in managed care pharmacy; and,
  • Enhance communication between the Schools/Colleges of Pharmacy and local AMCP members.

Diplomat Program Overview
Members of the AMCP Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee provide oversight for the AMCP Diplomat Program.  Diplomats are current AMCP Members who volunteer to participate in the Diplomat Program.  There are four Diplomat Regional Coordinators who serve as liaisons between the Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee and the Diplomats.  The goal is to have at least one Diplomat assigned to each school/college of pharmacy.  Some schools/colleges have Co-Diplomats to share the responsibility. See Addendum A for an overview of the Program and its respective staff members.

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Diplomat Handbook- Updated September 2018   

Diplomat Qualifications
A Diplomat must be an AMCP member who has a sense of volunteerism to further the mission of AMCP with the schools/colleges of pharmacy.  The Diplomat will exhibit excellent leadership skills to develop, educate and foster schools/colleges of pharmacy into a positive relationship with AMCP at the local level.  The ideal Diplomat must have a commitment to AMCP and student pharmacists.  Strong communication skills and regular follow-up are key factors to being successful and achieving the goal to increase awareness and activity at the respective school/college of pharmacy. 

The Diplomat will help create a greater understanding and appreciation of managed care pharmacy among students and faculty members; develop opportunities to facilitate the incorporation of managed care pharmacy concepts into curricula; and engage AMCP student by serving as a liaison between the chapters/Universities, local AMCP members and the Academy.

Diplomat Appointment and Term 
AMCP members who wish to volunteer to serve as the Diplomat for a specific school/college of pharmacy, preferably located in the area of their residence, may apply online through the AMCP website (  This link provides a list of Schools of Pharmacy that currently have no AMCP Diplomat assigned.  If the school being requested is not listed, a Diplomat has already been assigned; however, there may be an opportunity for a Co-Diplomat. 

Once the request is received staff will review and notify the AMCP member of their appointment and forward tools to assist the Diplomat.

The Diplomat will serve in this role until such time that s/he is no longer able to or it is determined that the Diplomat has not fulfilled the minimum duty requirements.  In addition, each year diplomats will be asked to re-confirm their commitment as a diplomat via email.  The confirmation email will allow diplomats to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of serving another year.  For those schools with academy members awaiting diplomat positions OR Co-Diplomats for consecutive years, the academy may include this information in the email as well to better inform their decisions.  Those choosing to “opt-out” will be encouraged to provide transitional support to the incoming diplomat.


Minimum Duty Requirements 

The Diplomat will be required to do the following (at a minimum):

  • Complete a Fall and Spring semester Activity Report & Evaluation form:
    • 2018 Fall Dates: Opens October 15 and closes December 15 - Coming soon! 
  • Have on-going communications with the faculty contact and/or  AMCP Chapter Advisor regarding AMCP activities and resources; and,  
  • Visit with school/college of Pharmacy and meet with student pharmacists, AMCP chapter and/or faculty contacts. 
  • If the school/college has Co-Diplomats, coordinate activities/reporting to ensure requirements are completed.   

Note: Diplomats will receive periodic email reminders with links to the online reporting forms.   

Additional Responsibilities
The Diplomat is encouraged to do the following:

  • Encourage the faculty to learn more about managed care pharmacy;  
  • Distribute AMCP materials to key contacts at the school;  
  • Participate in Career Day at the school;  
  • Interface with and be a resource for AMCP Student Pharmacist Members and the AMCP Student Chapter (if one exists at your school);  
  • Distribute managed care internship and residency information;  
  • Offer to present a lecture on managed care pharmacy or secure a speaker; 
  • Encourage the formation of an AMCP Student Chapter if one does not already exist (see AMCP Chapter Activation Materials; 
  • Foster communication between schools with and without AMCP Student Chapters; 
  • Identify student pharmacist leaders who may be potential AMCP Student Pharmacist Committee members and report to AMCP staff; 
  • Attend Diplomat Program Meeting at each of the AMCP national meetings;  
  • Encourage faculty to join AMCP; 
  • Link local AMCP members and other managed care pharmacy professionals with student pharmacists; and 
  • Promote the Diplomat Center on the AMCP website. 

Note:  Not all Schools of Pharmacy will have established AMCP Student Chapters.  Therefore, the role/activities may vary greatly depending upon the School of Pharmacy’s interest in managed care and AMCP.  The overall goal of the Diplomat is to be the face/liaison of the organization and respond to the needs of the School of Pharmacy he/she has volunteered to serve.  

Diplomat Director 
The Diplomat Director oversees the Diplomat Program and conducts the Diplomat Meeting at each of the national AMCP Meetings. The Diplomat Director serves as a resource to the Diplomat Regional Coordinators, the Diplomats, and the AMCP staff liaison.

For 2019-20 (April-April) 
Jeff Larson 

Diplomat Regional DirectorsAt the present time there are four Diplomat Regional Directors (East, Midwest, South and West) who are the primary conduits between Diplomats in their region and AMCP staff/headquarters.  The Regional Director serves as a mentor for the Diplomats in their region. If you have any questions about your duties while a Diplomat, please contact your Regional Diplomat Director. 

Christine Dube    
Shobhna Butler

Michael Pazirandeh    

Maribeth Bettarelli

 AMCP Staff 
The AMCP Manager of Student Development and New Practitioner Programs serves as the Diplomats’ primary contact at AMCP headquarters.  Staff will provide tools and information to assist the Diplomats and provide periodic reports and evaluation to the Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee.


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